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Table 2 The values of blood viscosity and blood viscosity standardized hct at three different shear rate of groups

From: Blood viscosity as a forgotten factor and its effect on pulmonary flow

  Group 1(n=40) Group 2(n=34) Group 3(n=40)
Hematocrit(%45) 9.28±1.95 9.49±1.69 8.85±1.35 a*,b**
BV (m Pas) 6.26±1.04 6.33±0.91 5.87±1.27
BV (mPas) 4.30±0.51 4.41±0.47 4.04±0.31 b**,a***
  1. Data are mean±SD, BV ; Blood viscosity at shear rate 23 1/sec, BV; ; Blood viscosity at shear rate 115,2 1/sec, BV; Blood viscosity at shear rate 230 1/sec, a Statistical comparison with Group 1, b Statistical comparison Group 2 with Group 3, * p<0,05, **p<0,01, ***p< 0,001.