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Table 3 Spirometric values of groups

From: Blood viscosity as a forgotten factor and its effect on pulmonary flow

  Group 1(n=40) Group 2(n=34) Group 3(n=40)
FVC 3171.6±963.12 2963.25±1031.17 3248.33±662.30
FVC(%) 83.83±13.55 81.23±20.35 94.42±23.43a*,b**
FEV1 2430.00±708.57 2166.75±818.10 2509.41±796.63
FEV1 (%) 76.76±19.60 71.70±20.92 89.50±24.71b*
FEV1/FVC 76.41±8.53 73.05±13.95 79.55±7.54
  1. Data are mean±SD, FVC; Forced Vital Capacity, FEV1; Forced Expiratory Vital Capacity, FVC; Forced Percentual Vital Capacity, FEV1, Forced Percentual Expiratory Volume, FEV1/FVC; Tiffeneau Index, a Statistical comparison with Group 1, b Statistical comparison Group 2 with Group 3, * p<0,05, **p<0,01.