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Table 1 Interstitial lung disorders: major categories

From: Diagnosis and management of interstitial lung disease

• Idiopathic interstitial pneumonia • Sarcoidosis
o Idiopathic pulmonary   fibrosis (IPF) • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
o Non-specific interstitial   pneumonia (NSIP) • Iatrogenic pneumonitis/fibrosis (drug-induced ILD, radiation injury)
o Cryptogenic organizing   pneumonia (COP) • Eosinophilic ILD (e.g. eosinophilic pneumonia)
o Respiratory bronchiolitis   interstitial lung disease (RBILD) • Occupational lung disease
o Desquamative interstitial   pneumonia (DIP) • Inherited disorders (e.g. familial pulmonary fibrosis, Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome)
o Acute interstitial   pneumonia (AIP) • Primary disorders (e.g. pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis)
o Lymphoid interstitial   pneumonia (LIP)  
• Connective tissue disease-associated interstitial lung disease (CTD-ILD)